Mr. Mardjono Reksodiputro

Mr. Mardjono Reksodiputro joined ABNR at its inception in 1967. Concurrent with his partnership in ABNR, he has served as Director of the Centre for Justice and the Rule of Law of the University of Indonesia in Jakarta as well as Chairman of the University Centre for Public Service. From 1984 until 1990, he was Dean of the Faculty of Law of the University of Indonesia and oversaw the implementation of major reforms in the law school curriculum. He is currently a Professor of Law at the University of Indonesia and was the Chairman of the Postgraduate Program in Police Science. He has also served as Consultant to the National Law Development Agency of the Department of Justice, Chairman of the Drafting Committee for the Indonesian Criminal Code and Chairman of the Consortium on Legal Sciences at the Department of Education. In 2000, he was named Secretary of the National Law Commission, a newly established body responsible for the design of a national law reform agenda. He is a law graduate of the University of Indonesia and holds an M.A. degree in criminology from the University of Pennsylvania.



PERADI (Indonesian Advocates Association)

AKHI (Association of Indonesian Legal Consultants)